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As the founder of Probe Home Inspection, I highly recommend anyone looking for a home inspector to do their own research on home inspectors.   

Every inspection company has a pitch, companies pitch having thousands of inspections under their belt, offer warranties, which often are good for 120 days, what they fail to advertise that there inspection has limitation and meets minimum standards which often cost buyer money after the closing. Read reviews and testimonials from customers, we at Probe do inspect many of the not required items saving clients hundreds even thousands of dollars before closing.   


In 2004 I was selected by my peers and appointed a Leadership position on the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration assisting in guiding home inspectors throughout Arizona. I brought years of experience with solid and unbiased decision making skills to the Board and proudly still serve today.    


16 Years Home Inspector Arizona Certification #39183 

14 Years Appointed by peers - Arizona State Board of Technical Registration for Home Inspectors Enforcement Committee Member

6 Years Home Inspector Florida

12 Years Residential & Commercial Construction

4 Years Commercial & Residential Air Conditioning

6 Years US Navy Subject Matter Expert [SME] Surveillance Aircraft

4 Years US Navy Flight Engineer

4 Years Jet Aircraft Inspector

30 Years Federal Aviation Administration Licensed Air Frame & PowerPlant Mechanic

40 Years Skilled Troubleshooter & Craftsman 

An inspection from Probe will provide you with an in-depth look at the true condition of the home, so you can confidently enter in the final negotiation well informed. 

What is required to be inspected by the Arizona Standards Of Practice: Foundation, Structure, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Walls, Floors, Ceiling, Roofs,  Attics, Ventilation, Craw Spaces, Basements, Patios, Drainage, Garage Doors, and Site conditions

Items Not required to inspect can SAVE Clients Money: Lawn Irrigation Controls & Systems, Landscape Low Voltage Lighting, Household Appliances, Pools, Spas, Pumps, Filters & Controls, Fountains, Ponds, Exterior Gas Fireplaces, Kiva, Fire Pits, BBQ Grills, Automatic Screens/Awnings, Automatic Storm Windows & Doors, Central Vacuum Systems, High Pressure Mist/Fog Systems, Smoke Detectors, Outbuildings other than garages, and more. 

On request, Probe will schedule a wood infestation inspection from a 3rd party professional Pest Control Company

Our goal is to delivery reports the same day unless the home is over 5,000 sf then delivery is the next day. Our inspection reports are kept highly confidential. 

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We carry Errors & Omission Insurance which is not required by the State Of Arizona.

Members of the National Association of Home Inspectors NAHI or the American Society Of Home Inspectors ASHI